representative JPG
3d model of the boat shoe
the making of the boat shoe
the boat shoe after walking
training the legs and mind to walk inbetween spaces is a crucial part
the desire to walk along the edge is also shaping the individuals personal environment which transforms into a training camp
part of the training is to learn the failure. lerning to fall in the right way and in front of public
still image from the film 06:04
still image from the film 08:37
early stage of walking inbetween spaces and challenging social norm

The Individual’s Pursuit is the creation of a narrative based on a character
whose quest is to inhabit an in-between space as an exploration of what
is beyond the obvious. To walk along the edge of water and earth, where both
elements meet, is becoming a strong desire. Specially designed apparatus
and physical training exercises will be employed in an attempt to fulfill the
dream. The story of the Individual’s pursuit challenges common sense and
discusses the idea of the in-between space and borders.
This rather odd quest looks at the relationship between the individual
belief and society as well as the longing for a creation of an personal space
where one is almost attempting to disconnect oneself from reality and
therefore add another layer to normality.