The KNUCKRING is laser cut out of acrylic
It is available as a 3 or 4 finger ring
4 knuckring in black
4 knuckring in pink
The KNUCKRING comes in black, pink and flouro yellow
3 knuckring in black
3 knuckring in flouro yellow
4 knuckring in black

Inspired from traditional brass-knuckles, The KNUCKRING was created as an accessory for everyday use.

In the past, brass-knuckles were created with 4 rings—one for each finger, and were used as a weapon. Today, we tend to use our hands for everyday tasks, rather than fighting, so Jon Patterson introduced the 3 finger ring in hopes to create a ring that still has the look and attitude of the 4 knuck ring, but is more practical for our everyday needs.

Of course, the 4 knuck ring can still be worn for those true to originality!

Unfortunately, The KNUCKRING was a concept ring, and never found the correct manufacturer to produce it.