Oblivion is human. Cellphone, wallet or keys – once in a while each of us forget things. We try to help ourselves with notes and crosses upon our hands – we figured out many ways to keep things in mind. How helpful would a piece of furniture be that helps us to think about important things?

The sideboard »Remind me« preserves us from this daily issue and helps to think about important things before we leave our dwelling. »Remind me« will be found in the hallway of residences where it acts as a storage area for keys, cellphones or purses. The bulb symbolizes a placeholder for intelligence, ideas and innovation. Integrated into this piece of furniture, it serves not only as a lamp, but also acts as a concrete impulse to remember things.

A brass bar on the left side of the sideboard gives space for letters. »Remind me« comes with a motion sensor that lights up the bulb on top of the sideboard, when coming close. Because of this, we will be reminded whenever we are about to leave our residence. Even at night »Remind me« can be very helpful finding your way through a dark hallway. If the function of lighting up the bulb is not wished every day, you can turn off this function with a switch.

The sideboard is constructed out of oak and a foot of powder-coated steel and finally finished with brass mounts. It will be produced and sold by BOLIA 2016.

Designers: Lisa Merk & Thalea Schmalenberg