The Light Seesaw by ENESS is no ordinary seesaw,
climb on and a ball of light will shoot from one
end to the other as you saw through the air.

Project website link – http://www.eness.com/?r=Project&p=32&c=
Video Vimeo link – http://www.vimeo.com/eness/seesaw
Images can be downloaded here – http://www.eness.com/lightseesaw/

Project info:
ENESS bring home a playful new work exploring worldly forces at play as you soar through the air.
The Light Seesaw is equipped with a physics engine and thirty three rows of lights that respond to your swing.
Climb on and watch how a Pingpong ball might bounce on the moon, or how a balloon might wade
through yogurt. Choose the atmosphere surrounding your object- air, water, space and even yogurt
and observe the ball of light as it hurls your way.

Short text:
The Light Seesaw by ENESS, shoots a ball of light from one end to the other as you saw through the air.

Project poem:
Raising up the light floats away.
Soaring down it hurls my way.
In the middle the glow rests,
My turn now let’s try pingpong in yogurt next.

Bit of background on us:
ENESS is a Melbourne based design team, specialising in creating unique interactive experiences worldwide.