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Project Info and team introduction
Interior Studies
Exterior Image
Interior Image
Hand drawn details by Ryan Watson
Hand drawn details by Ryan Watson
Ground Floor Plan
First Floor Plan

The studio is currently working collaboratively with key industry stakeholders, research organisations and specialist consultants in the field of low energy building to develop a new market-applicable solution to the Scottish build industry and we’re hoping that you can feature our project on your website. The brief is to create a small (50msq) studio for 4-6 people located in Dundee’s Botanic Gardens.

The project is unique in that it is completely student led and built with a start date for construction in December 2012 and a projected completion date in May 2013. The objectives of the project are to go beyond the UK’s current and future environmental legislation governing energy efficiency of buildings. This is done by providing a Passivhaus compliant, off-grid building that relies on renewable energy sources as the only means of generating space heating, hot water and power.

We’re hoping that you can feature our project on your website along with links to our website and blog. We’re confident of the value of this project and the potential impact is can have on the industry as a whole and would be very grateful for your support. So far we have recieved publicity through the Universities website and a few of our contributors but wish to open the project up to as wide and audience as possible.

If you would like any more information feel free to email me or visit our website www.macromicro.co.uk

Project Data
Architectural Design : Macro/Micro Studio : Masters Students
Overseeing Architects : Joseph Thurrot and Neil Burford
Date : 2011-2013
Location : Botanic Gardens, Dundee, UK
Value of Donated Services and Materials : £130,000 (left to fund £30,000)

All credits for renders, drawings and any intellectual rights are reserved for the Macro/Micro Studio Unit, University of Dundee