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The Millennial Console

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The Millennial Console are manufactured using lifeless debris from authentic millenarian olive tree wood found in the South of Spain. This area is well known for its tradition in olive oil production, one of the finest and purest in the world.

The manufacturing of these items represents a long and time-consuming process. The trees are acquired as a whole (dirt, soil and rocks are present within the trunk and roots), weighting an average of 3 tons, although they have been dead for several years, they still contained a lot of sap internally. So after the first stage where they are cleaned and cut; they are laid to rest for an entire year to dry up, loosing up to 25% of its weight during this time.

The volumetric conditions and particular characteristics of each tree are carefully studied to decide which pieces are suitable for elaborating the consoles. Only 2 or 3 consoles are obtained from each tree.

The next step is to remove the tree bark, this is achieved combining baths of boiling salt water and sand pressure washing, leaving a partial smooth surface. Following this, the wood is chemically treated and polished in order to show its natural and peculiar grain, characteristic present on these ancient trees. Needless to say that every single piece is unique as it retains a natural state and rustic appearance.

Now the wood platform is adjusted to a metallic structure, specially made and customize for each individual piece. Properties like volume, weight and constitution have to be taking in consideration to accommodate both entities without fault.

The combination of the color and shape are chosen individually by the artist for each composition. The polyhedral structure praises the composition, framing the wood, sousing an effect of constant balance and motion.

“The wood is divided in sections with the idea of bringing the sterile material back to life, presenting its essence in a new form but at the same time, respecting its immutable soul” Maximo Riera.

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