Digital StillCamera
Digital StillCamera

Religion often serves as an emotional ‘lender of last resort’ in times of crisis. The idea for this series of maquette sculptures, comes from Christian church signs and billboards from the US. By stripping these religious quotes away from their physical and emotive context, the ‘message’ becomes more absolute, almost surreal. To emphasize this further, the text size has been exagerated in scale (compared to the figurines) and colour. The project is somewhat ‘street’ influenced by large scale advertising and slogan graffiti. The title of the series generates a contrast: The notion of God-sent miracles as an integral part of religious faith, against the marvels of man-made, modern age, industrial technology and it’s products such as fluoerscent materials and colours. Materials used: cardboard, foamboard, blue foam insulation material, sand, wood, maquette fugirines and trees, MDF, acrylic and spray paint, found minature of the Parthenon (plaster-made). Photography by Michalis Dalanikas & Dimitris Polychroniadis.