Taiwanese designers Liang-Jung Chen and Shuei-Yuan Yang have designed a collection of homewares called “The misused”. The design was inspired by how elders in countryside Taiwan creatively improvise daily necessities with existing objects. The collection aims to re-fulfill the potentials of everyday metal hardwares by misusing them with a twist of humor.

“As product designers, we always prioritize the logical user experience of a product. Somehow, in countryside Taiwan, we are often awed by how local grandpas and grandmas improvise homewares with existing objects creatively. The grass-roots humor originated from their earlier frugal life due to the lack of resources. The had motivated us to leave the stereotype of ubiquitous metal hardwares behind, and to re-imagine their functions according to their clever structure.”

“Keeping the philosophy of misusing in mind, we paired 11 industrial metal hardwares with different crafted materials. The outcome is a series of homewares repurposing various kinds of metal hardwares, which includes: door holder, floor drain, door hinge, hose clamp, S hook, grill mesh, braided hose, coil spring, bead chain, corner bracket, and steel cable tie.”