The Netatmo Urban Weather Station (Indoor & Outdoor)
The Netatmo Urban Weather Station and The App
The Netatmo Urban Weather Station & The iPhone App

The Netatmo Urban Weather Station is the first Personal Weather Station with Air Quality sensors, compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android devices.

The Netatmo Weather Station allows users to monitor indoor and outdoor environmental elements such as: CO2 concentration, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, noise pollution levels and air quality, indoors and outdoors.

The Station’s indoor measurements help users improve their comfort and wellness in their home environment. For instance, it sends real-time alerts, helping to prevent the accumulation of unhealthy, stagnant indoor air by reminding users to ventilate their home at the right moment.
We spend 80% of our time indoors, whether playing with the kids or working at the office; indoor air quality can quickly become unhealthy due to the accumulation of gases from heating, cooking, paint, furniture, or even cleaning products.

Short-term exposure to bad indoor air can lead to discomfort such as irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat; headaches, and fatigue. Long-term exposure can have serious health effects: increased risk of cancer, respiratory and heart disease.

Noise pollution may have negative health effects such as stress and high blood pressure.
With the Netatmo Weather Station users can monitor their home, and improve their family’s well-being!

The Netatmo Urban Weather Station helps users assess the best times for family outings, when outdoor Air Quality is of the utmost importance!
A three time award winner at CES in Las Vegas for design and innovation technology, the Netatmo Weather Station is composed of two modules, indoor and outdoor. It is sold for 169€ on our website www.netatmo.com, on Amazon.com, and in Apple and Brookstone stores.

About Netatmo
Netatmo manufactures the world’s first personal weather station for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Netatmo was established in 2011 by Frederic Potter and Jean-Pierre Dumolard, both highly successful and experienced entrepreneurs in the technology space with companies such as WITHINGS or CIRPACK. Netatmo strives to bring consumers a better way of life through using connected devices technology for environment monitoring while maintaining a commitment to elegant design. Visit www.netatmo.com for more information, and connect with Netatmo on Facebook or Twitter.

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