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The Orb

The Orb

Energy Flow / The Orb: While entering ‘The Orb’, visitors immersed into an abstract world of vibrant colours and shapes. The visual language of the animations is an interpretation of organic metaphors, communicating environmental values and progressive technology. Inspired by phenomena in nature, we searched for new ways of visualizations exploring the limits of digital motion-graphic creation. The curved LED created an astonishing 3-dimensional effect. A special challenge was to keep the idea simple and abstract without compromising on its purity.

—– credits:

Concept, design and communication (animations, films, interactive) by Déri Design. Design and Architecture director: Alia Ramadan Architect team: N. Dzavicova, R. Pérez, P. Acewicz Art direction: Anja Mewes Motion design: Matthias Winckelmann Type animation: Tina Loewenstern Realization: b+s exhibitions

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