An exercise in simplicity.

The team, wanted to explore the minimum components necessary to fashion a coffee table. Once we had distilled each component to the bare minimum, we were left with the sole component needed to create a coffee table: an elevated surface.

We then began to experiment with shapes, keeping the key question in mind: how can we create a useful elevated surface, combined with storage, while creating something elegant?

The end result is a coffee table which is a perfect example of less is more: a simple yet surprisingly complex design and build. The Origami low coffee table hand crafted in solid English Ash – also available in Oak and Walnut.

The central valley not only adds drama to the piece but it is also an intrinsic part of the overall design, with the valley also functioning as beneficial storage. The table is finished with two coats of clear wax oil, enhancing the beauty of the natural crown cut English Ash grain.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. – Leonardo da Vinci


Coffee table in situ



Table edge