Close up of the front of the chair
full view of the chair
detail of the leg
full view of the table
elevation of the table
detail under the table
full view of the lamp
detail of lamp turned on
second detail turned on

Inspired by the formation of stalactites, I set out on a experimental path and fell upon the idea of dripping and accumulation. This method would allow the drip to grow as if it had a life of its own outside of my control. I wanted to make a chair, table, and lamp as a tribute to the collection I made for my entrance portfolio that started my career at Art Center. As each drop of wax fell it would settle and harden as it pleased, and it was all I could do to try and manage the form of the thing I was making. It was more like a balancing act than any design I have done, and I was as much an observer of the process as its master. The end result was then sent to be cast in metal with almost no intervention to the shapes that gravity had made. The name Oroboros refers to the symbol of the snake eating its tail, both creation and destruction, an endless cycle of life and death. This name sums up both the why and the how that led to the making of each piece in this collection, and to the very nature of design itself.