The Penthouse Cabinet has cantilevered apartments.


The Penthouse Cabinet is an unshamable tribute to the mid-century modern movement which marries statement style with practicality and quality. The main body of the cabinet provides generous amounts of internal storage space, and has a handy adjustable shelf, while features such as the handle-less doors maintain its slender appearance as do the hairpin inspired legs.

However, the real detail is in the eye-catching cantilevered apartments: each feature ‘state-of-the-art’ programmable, remote controlled lighting. From a subtle warm-white glow to a myriad of vibrant colours, the lighting element of this design is sophisticated, fun and easy to use. Each ‘apartment’ can be controlled separately. Features include a dimmer and a programme that can be set for a display of random colour change. The balconies can be finished to face either right or left…








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