Free Standing Shelf
The Single Fin - Large shelf
The Twin Fins - In a creative orientation
The Twin FIns - In a different orientation
Twin Fin detail
Twin Fin Detail
Single Fin in the Design Studio

A unique piece of art that functions as storage and display for all your most precious belongings. This piece is presented by Brooklyn based architect Michael Metiu through his design company Perfekte Velle Design.

The shelves are constructed with curved birch laminated plywood with vertical dividers seamlessly joined with a domino joiner and glue. The attachment to the wall is hidden given the illusion of floating.

The nature of the curved shelf also allows them to be displayed in a number of orientation, allowing for them to adapt to the owner’s change in space and aesthetic. They can be painted or wrapped in an exotic wood veneer, though I prefer the natural wood. The largest piece spans 6′-8″ from tip to tip and the two Twin Fin shelves are 3′ tall and 2′ wide.

All photos are by McNair Evans