It’s the first time for us at QWSTION to present a product that is not a bag: the Raincoat. With our usual attention to detail we developed a timeless coat, in collaboration with garment development studio D.N.S., based on the innovative CottonShell® material which is made entirely from renewable resources.

For modern metropolitan individuals a reliable coat is no less essential than a versatile bag and this is what we kept in mind getting to work. We wanted our raincoat to be just as convincing on the daily bike-commute as when things get more formal in a business meeting. In no matter what weather.

D.N.S. (Development Never Stops) has been our development partner since the early days of QWSTION and have incredible knowhow in the field of technical garments.

Following our ethos of questioning the norm we found a great base for our coat in the innovative CottonShell® material that unites functional requirements like breathability and weather protection with sustainability.

Innovative CottonShell® Material

It is the unique construction that makes CottonShell® water resistant, while being made in Switzerland from 100% organic cotton. In the process extra long staple fibers are spun very softly, twined and finally woven at high density. The outer fibers of the CottonShell® expand when getting in contact with water and firmly close the structure to keep any moisture from penetrating the shell. As it remains highly breathable, the result is a weather proof material with great comfort.

High-density cotton was first produced in England in the 1930s and used to manufacture fire hoses and water reservoirs. During World War II British parachutists were protected from the elements by overalls made of it, and from the 1950s the material was used in civilian applications, but never reached a large audience due to its rather elaborate and costly production.

Designed in Zurich, Manufactured in Switzerland and Poland.

We designed and developed the raincoat in Zurich, in a way that makes it especially long-lasting, as wearing parts can easily be replaced. The Swiss Made CottonShell® material and Riri-Zippers are finally assembled and sewn to raincoats in Poland.

The weather resistance, the breathability and simplicity in terms of style – these are the qualities that make our raincoat timeless. And without the unique CottonShell® material they would be unattainable.