Medication (close up)
Giving up the Ghost
Giving up the Ghost (detail)
Giving up the Ghost (detail)
Top Shelf
Passed Out
The Accident
The Accident (detail)

I wanted to forward on a possible tip about my solo exhibit currently on view in Pittsburgh, PA. I think it may fit in nicely with the feel of the work on your site. ‘The Secret Life of Robots’ takes us into the hidden, mundane lives of our robot counterparts showing how we’re not all that different at times. It’s a major sculptural show and thus far has been getting a really great turnout. Thought of your site now that I’m trying to spread the word about it a bit more. The show will run through April 27.

Thanks for considering running this! Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Details and photos of the exhibit can be found through my site at www.tobyfraley.com

Toby Fraley