At present, the architectural firm GRAD arkitekter in Stockholm is proud to present a new, wonderful table lamp, which is the result of a workshop with their kids last spring.

Any design process involving children is naturally based on imagination. Very soon into the workshop the children had made up a story together: “we are going to build the highest lighthouse in the world. It is going to be crowned by a forest!” Suddenly, the task was not creating a lamp anymore, but a story, a fairytale. The lamp became, not an object, but a narrative, “a skyscraper” where inside, “magical flowers” produced light.

As for the design itself, Lego was the obvious choice of building material. All members of the design team, both children and architects, regarded Lego as a given for the construction of the lamp prototype. The workshop participants’ mutual passion for the plastic building blocks created an instant team spirit despite the age differences. The use of Lego blocks also rationalized and simplified the design process. The shape of the lamp was dictated by the standard size and form of the translucent Lego windows, repeated over and over again. At the core of the lamp, basic blocks support the light bulb. More specialized blocks of Lego in the shape of flowers, plants, and leaves create the lamp’s vegetal crown. When the light is turned on, the result is amazing! A soft, warm glow emanates from the many windows of the lamp and above it, the Lego leaves create organic shadows in the ceiling.

Children and adults all around the world use Lego blocks to reproduce and to miniaturize stories, to construct playful models of great buildings and big machines. The material has a captivating, iconic power about it. During our workshop, it was the imagination of the children that unlocked this power, letting the Lego blocks guide the design.

So… This autumn, on one of those dark evenings that are sure to come, why don’t you ask your kids for some help to create a new piece for your home with Lego and enjoy a playful architectural moment together?

Tried, tested, and comes highly recommended by GRAD Arkitekter

Team: Lydia, Louise, Karin, Bruno, Sébastien

Photos: copyright GRAD arkitekter