The Sky Scratcher is a revolutionary, architectural spin on the cat scratching post.

Hello Moco Loco,
My name is Mike & I have created a new product I think you & your customer base will love! It’s called The Sky Scratcher & with your help during my Kickstarter campaign [www.theskyscratcher.com], we will be able to start production after the first of the year.
What is The Sky Scratcher? It’s a revolutionary cat scratching post, with an architectural spin. The Sky Scratcher is based on a building from the iconic Chicago skyline & built with Eco-friendly materials. It consists of over 125 corrugated cardboard die-cut pads, a bamboo plywood base and bamboo center pole to hold it all together. The ideals behind its design make it both safe for your cats and aesthetically pleasing.
Not only will your feline friends enjoy scratching to their hearts content, you will also enjoy a high quality piece of art that will add a stylish accent to any room in your home or office!
How can you help? A quick little blog post would be great! We have less than 10 days [project ends on Dec. 21st] to raise about $4,700 & getting the word out there & traffic to www.theskyscratcher.com should do the trick. There’s a 2 minute video of cats in action, detailed photos & an explanation on how you & you clients can help.
I greatly appreciate your time & thank you for your support!
Mike Estes