‘Spirale’ from .bijouets: the never-ending line becomes a 3D necklace

A subtle line which materializes in air is the work of designer Daniele Bortotto

‘Spirale,’ the new necklace designed by Daniele Bortotto for .bijouets, seems almost an exercise in style, a ceaseless Arabesque. The three-dimensional line twists and twirls, tracing delicate, continuous rings. But this interplay of spheres and volutes boasts a solid achievement: it has the capacity to transform a continuous pencil stroke into a piece of jewellery. Try unravelling the thread of this elegant skein, and late 1950s Milan – the studio of the artist Piero Manzoni – may spring to mind.

At that time Manzoni was working on lines. He drew them on strips of paper, rolled them up and stuffed them into tubes, which he labelled and signed. The viewer cannot actually see the line, and is left reliant on imagination to envision it. In Lines of Exceptional Length, Piero Manzoni took his idea to its logical extreme: a box with no openings contains a line which is purely a concept, with no real existence. ‘Spirale’ operates in a parallel way, but in the opposite direction! The twisted lines are not invisible to the eye. Instead, they become three-dimensional – a piece of jewellery, in fact. “The result is a design which materializes in air. The object has next to no substance. All it takes to modify it is a touch,” claims designer Daniele Bortotto. ‘Spirale’ is a lightweight, flexible necklace in sintered nylon. It vibrates when worn and assumes a different look with every movement of its wearer. The additive technology of professional 3D printing transforms the digital format into something solid: a continuous line into one piece. The process transforms and synthesizes apparent opposites, with forms and meanings close to those of Concept Art.