TOKEN and Flat Vernacular have found common ground in more than just sharing a borough of New York City. Both companies have an appreciation for thoughtful design, impeccable craftsmanship and a seemingly not so obvious similarity, the use of pattern as an important and integral component to their practice. Upon finding this fertile ground both companies agreed to use a TOKEN Sideboard to lay the foundation for an ongoing collaboration that aims to explore the rich tradition of intersections between furniture design and the graphic arts. On the outside this first offering maintains a calculated approach by using Flat Vernaculars “Wave” pattern to complement and enhance the natural grain of the wood. Hidden within the cabinet doors, vibrant color and frenetic pattern await. Once opened the pattern pours out, challenging the clean lines and subtle pallet of the exterior. The result is dynamic and quiet as well as bold and playful.

The TOKEN Sideboard, like all items in the TOKENnyc collection, is designed developed, handmade, hand printed and finished in Brooklyn, NY