You can change material of a top bosard depending on a use.
image © K.Sakashita
Finish of the trestles is UV coating
The top board is only place on the trestle.
As a desk
As a desk
As a desk
Legs of  unique shape

The trestle used in a factory and the construction site is very functional, and there is various how to use.

I designed the work desk utilized the characteristic of the trestle this time. I designed it to look beautiful even if I put it in life space and the office space.
Because the top board is only place on the trestle, you can use it in a use suitable for the space by changing material and the size of the top board.
Finish of the trestles is UV coating. The UV coating is a painting technology to rigidify an object by the irradiation of ultraviolet rays. It has the hardness that is higher than other painting.
In addition, surface feel is very soft, and there is no luster really. It is very comfortable when I touch it.

Design: Kazunaga Sakashita /Product designer (Japan)
Material: Steel (Trestles), Oak (Table top)
Finish: UV coating (Trestle), Oil finish (Table top)