The company from Arosio, whose philosophy is “Be different be unique”, proposes design solutions intended for people looking for furnishing with a strong personality, able to maintain a perfect balance between art, design and architecture
Among the most popular furnishings of Laurameroni Design Collection there are the wall covering panels, created in different materials (wood, lacquer, fabrics and leathers) and in several collections. Laurameroni represents the true made in Italy tradition because it makes design products in which uniqueness and originality prevail, as well expressed by the company’s philosophy, “Be different be unique”. The wall covering panels in particular represent Laurameroni master craftsmen’s unique skills, enhanced by the use of the most sophisticated equipment and of the finest materials. The careful selection of fabric and leather chosen by Laurameroni, designed for the furnishing collections, can also be used to upholster the panels.
The wall covering panels are in several collections of Laurameroni and were created by famous Italian designers like Diego Maria Piovesan and Bartoli Design. The covering panels of the “Bamboo” Collection, designed by Diego Maria Piovesan, are for example structured according to a series of channels of different sizes that cut across the surface of the panel, each time creating different designs. The introduction of bars, lacquered in a variety of colors, provides different chromatic effects and makes it possible to create a number of combinations. These wall panels, with maximum freedom of composition, create a play on color and full and empty spaces for unique visual effects. The combination of wood with lacquering is one of the proposals available.
Bartoli Design has instead designed the wall covering panels of the “Décor” and the “Stars” Collection. The first, in line with the philosophy embraced by Laurameroni, offers the opportunity to elude and surpass the limits imposed by industrial production, in order to satisfy the needs of those looking for interior furnishings in which differentiation and uniqueness prevail. They are available with all sample woods and lacquering, in all fabrics. On some models there are metal and wooden shelves and wall-mounted units, in others the covering panels are in carved oak, equipped with backlit fabric upolstered panels; wall covering panels with fabric panels and shelves in natural iron treated with wax complete the proposal. In the “Stars” collection the wall covering panels are instead in burnished copper.
Laurameroni’s technical department is available to assist clients in designing spaces in which the wall covering panels are to be used. “The skill of our master craftsmen is combined with the most sophisticated technologies in the furniture production. Laurameroni has thus created some unique and different products, items which stand out from the contemporary interior design world” said Massimo Maggioni, owner of Laurameroni.