The continuous ‘warp’ plays a key role in the construction of the organic shaped Warp Chair.

Some express art through music, Some through poetry, some through forging metals, turning wood or manipulating clay. At Alvarae we express art through the designs we create and the lives we live through the use of carbon composite material.

Every design is a work or art and to each their own, however, with different cultural backgrounds, education and taste, each develop different requirements toward an essential need. A chair for example, has millions of designs because there is a desire for difference, individualism, personality, attitude, and charisma.

Our belief of ‘Be Daring, Be Different, Be Anything’ means that each distinctive piece we design has been created to a specific individual need or style to form the perfect synergy between art & engineering. Which is further defined by the excitement it creates and for its undeniable visual appeal.

A perfect example of this belief is our latest creation the luxurious Warp Chair.

The continuous “warp” form plays a key role in the unique construction of the one of a kind Warp Chair and again demonstrates just how durable lightweight carbon fibre can create any organic shape whilst maintaining its structural strength.

The contemporary design curves of the chair give it a unique aesthetic and the hollow internal chair base structure can be used for storage. It comes customized in a polished or matt finish with an unlimited choice of colours.

Created in the Alvarae Design Studio under the watchful eye of award winning designer Charles Wan, the Warp Chair is a fun combination of style and comfort and is perfect for relaxing in at home after a busy day or as a the centre piece in any creative lounge.