The X-pen is machined out of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and uses a felt tip pen called the Pilot razor point. We love this pen and think that it deserves a makeover. We made this pen with designers, architects, engineers, and do it yourselfers in mind. Its small compact size (.43in x 4in) fits in pockets unnoticeably and feels great while in use. We concluded a diameter of .43in thanks to the help of a series of different sized prototypes and asking our friends to try them out and tell us what they thought felt best.

The cap has a hex machined on it so that you can open the hex set screw used to secure in the ink. It embraces the idea that an object being multifunctional, a pen can function not only as a tool for dispensing ink but also as a tool to open and renew itself. We wanted the process of refilling the ink to be as exciting as building a model car or airplane.

The pen is ideal for the do it yourselfers that like taking things apart. In case that’s not you, it’s okay! We’ll also have the ink on our website prepackaged and ready to use. The ink comes in four colors, black, red, green, and blue. You can also choose your line size, extra fine (.3mm) or super fine (.2mm)

We’ve also designed a special tool that’s used to take apart the pilot razor point pen. It’s machined out of the same aircraft grade aluminum as the X-pen. It comes with a clear anodize finish or electroless nickel. Of course you can always use a pair of needle nose pliers but the pen tool functions as a pen stand, business card holder, and secret bottle opener! It also looks a lot better on your desk then a pair of needle nose pliers. Did we mention the pen tool is also a Bottle opener!!!