Thelma & Louise make their entry in Milan. The concept came to life when designer Frank Ligthart saw two ladies horseriding, one of them riding sidesaddle. It inspired him to design a unique pair of chairs: Louise is brazenly sensual, straddle-legged, voluptuous. Thelma provokes in a more elegant way, knees held together, but nonetheless passionately.

The dual character makes this design exceptional. And on top of that, the incarnations of Thelma & Louise are unique on yet another level. These are the very first pieces of furniture made with a new material, invented and patented by the Vrije Universiteit Brussels: Vubonite, a composite material with the look and fee lof stone. It is already used in fire-resistant partitions and the possibilities for bone prosthesis are being researched. Vubonite is fireproof, extremely strong and weather-resistant. The processing with laminating techniques allows free- form modelling. Designer Frank Ligthart has been experimenting with it for years. He already designed an entire bathroom in Vubonite, as well as part of a kitchen and a dining room floor. These were the very first applications worldwide of this material in interior design.

The crowning glory of his persistent work is the design of the “Thelma & Louise” armchairs in Vubonite. These ladies are near and dear to his heart.

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