Trilogy collection (IMAGE REPRESENTATIVE)
Trilogy bracelet
Hook necklace
Geodetica Necklace
Royal Necklace
Limit Pendant
Palace ring
Grid pendant
Way pendant

Design Digest is a collective of artists and designers directed by Luana Marmo and Biagio Michieletti with the participation of designers Sara Simone and Irene Pecchenino who designed this new collection.
Design Digest is a project that aims to create high quality interactions between art , architecture and design, creating objects with strong aesthetic and cultural value . Contemporary style stands out through the stainless steel 304 , material with properties refined, which has its main use in the architectural field revisiting it designing fashion accessories preserving the noble qualities .
Design Digest draws a fresh look at industrial production, linked to the choice of material, thanks to the experience of the artisan who carefully shapes and forms each object.