The guitar is a beautiful instrument with a rich history and powerful presence. However unlike a piano, the guitar has to be tuned every time you play it to achieve the perfect sound. This is why the ritual of “tuning” a guitar is a critical aspect of learning and playing the instrument. The current design of guitar tuners does not reflect any of these qualities. The messy emotionless grey calculators we know to be guitar tuners make tuning a guitar a chore rather than a sacred ritual. “a guitar tuner” is a guitar tuner designed by a final year industrial design student at Victoria University, New Zealand. “a guitar tuner” strips the conventional guitar tuner of all unnecessary details. The input of sound and output of a precise measurement is all that remains. The interaction involves spinning the dial on the ‘open’ end of the tuner to choose the note you want to tune to. The tuner then wobbles left or right depending on the accuracy of the note you have played, with 90 degrees being perfectly in tune. Once the interaction is complete, the tuner lies flat on the floating base as if it’s saying “i’m not listening anymore”. By infusing form language that resonates with the qualities of a regal guitar it seeks to enhance the experience of tuning a guitar.

This work has unfortunately leaked onto the web, however I am sending you the latest and updated model that has not been published 🙂