Distracting ones attention from the actual shape of the luminaire Hypocrite’s first impression let people believe that it looks like a street lantern. However with a closer look one will discover its true meaning.

People tend to look at their surroundings for patterns they recognize. When one for instance recognizes a face in a rock or a tree, this is know as a Pareidolia,. With this in mind Dutch designer Quinten Peuling made his first design for Hypocrite, for the Eindhoven based label qoowl. On first glance the lamp triggers a cozy feeling and seems to resemble an old street lantern when one looks at the outline of the lamp. When one of the wooden shutters is removed the true essence of the lamp becomes clear.


Hypocrite pendant

Product picture

Its true meaning revealed

Hypocrite floor lamp with a Rijkswachter (www.rijkswachters.nl)

Hypocrite  floor lamp

Hypocrite lifestyle picture