This Stool Rocks
This Stool Rocks, front on
This Stool Rocks (From left to right): The Hard rock, Soft Rock and Easy Rocks stools
Personalised stools
The Stool Rocks, painted

London-based designer James McBennett plans to Kickstart (https://bitly.com/VYRUXc) his online ready-to-assemble furniture platform, www.fabsie.com, with this sturdy rocking-stool.

Aptly named ‘This Stool Rocks,’ the stool is available in three models. The Hard Rock rotates 360° but doesn’t stand by itself. The Soft Rock has a flat bottom, so that it stands alone and rocks forward or backward. And the Easy Rock —the most stable model—rocks forward only.

Produced using CNC milling (also known as ‘3D cutting’) the stool can be personalised with a logo or text and assembles in less than one minute with no glue, nails or screws.