Three Small Rooms
A Loft in Brooklyn

Located in a former factory building in the burgeoning artist’s enclave of Bushwick, Brooklyn, a small industrial loft awkwardly subdivided by existing partitions was transformed into a bright and open space that could be shared by three young roommates moving into what would become their first shared loft in the city.

On Saying Yes:

Clients: We have a project for you.
Architect: Great!
Clients: But we have very little money.
Architect: No problem, I’ll work with what you have.
Clients: And we need to do it really fast.
Architect: Ok, how fast?
Clients: Can you design something for next week? We need to start construction next week.
Architect: ?
Clients: We plan to move in a couple of weeks. Can you do it?
Architect: It’s impossible…(silence)…Ok, YES. I will try.
Clients: Great!
Architect: You know this will probably take longer and surely end up costing more?
Architect: Ok, give me a week. I’ll think of something simple; something interesting. If you like it, we’ll find a way to get it done.
Architect: Great!

Rather than subdividing the loft into the needed rooms, three small and separate volumes cluster around a large common area and are set apart within the raw space. Huddling together, these rooms within rooms create intimate spaces while maximizing the shared living area needed for gatherings and daily communal living. Now unobstructed, the large windows open up to views of the rapidly changing post-industrial landscape, while allowing light to seep deep inside the loft.

1 Loft
3 Rooms
660 sf
9 weeks
141 emails
64 calls
55 texts
3 contractors