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I´m contacting you to present the launch of a new product made with cork. It would be great if we could expect an article by your magazine.

The description is going bellow. Images here: http://www.corkway.com/cork-lighting/210-cork-passa-cabos-lamp.html

Let me know if you need anything else.Thanks very much for your time.

The lamp “Passa Cabos” is a cork lamp made by the portuguese designer André Valério and produced by Ervilha Criativa. The Designer says: “This project aims to explore the approach of objects and animals to humans in the stories of everyday.

I found a very interesting story about a specific specie in some countries called ferrets were trained to pass electrical cables inside ducts. This lamp tells this story. Ervilha Criativa says: “This lamp made with Portuguese cork is a new approach of the material, uses an E14/11W bulb and has a natural linen cord set. “ This lamp can be found in The CorkWay Store (http://www.corkway.com ).

Cumprimentos | Best regards

Tiago Cartageno