TICKE-TACK – a typographic “time in words” website, wallpaper and screensaver. DOWNLOAD FOR FREE NOW

Radio controlled clocks beat the time atom accurately. This clock does not. In our hectic world – every second counts. This clock will not tell. We don‘t have time anymore. This clock has.
This word clock might not change your pace. It will just slowly tell the time in a beautiful way!

TICKE-TACK is a word clock that displays fuzzy time as natural as could be. It communicates time not in numbers, but words. Your desktop turns into an active clock, displaying a phrase such as “It is almost five to twelve.” You can also display your own texts or multiple alarms. TICKE-TACK currently comes in 24 languages including Amharic, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, German, English, Spanish, Esperanto, Basque, French, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Hungarian, Mazedonian, Dutch, Russian, Romanian, Serbian, Finnish and Swedish. If your language is missing – join our team! =)

TICKE-TACK is now available for Mac and Windows. No pesky setup, just install and select a design to turn your desktop into an active wallpaper. You can select from more than 60 beautiful, typographic, elegant, comic, flip clock, hand written, retro, photographic and simplistic designs or use your own background images.

TICKE-TACK is a spare time project by two creative geeks from Germany: Tobias Hess and Sebastian Merchel and many supporters. Download the free version or bookmark the free website (this way you can also get a direct link to TICKE-TACK on your iPad home screen). If you want more, please support us and unlock all designs for now only 0.99 $. However, we are celebrating CLOCK CHANGE and GIVE AWAY THE FULL VERSION OF TICKE-TACK FOR FREE until November 5th via the Mac App Store. It’s time to change your clock!

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Note: Clocks in Europe have been adjusted backward one hour last weekend and will be adjusted backward, e.g. in North America, next weekend.