App in Use on the Beach
Initial Interface and Brand Naming Generation
A line up showing a few screens
Sketch explaining the workings of the App
Web, Tablet and Interface Development
Splash Screen
Main Scrub Screen
Forecast Screen
Low and High Tide with Sunrise and Sunset
Social Network and Other Options

Currently in the development process, Tide is a Surfing forecast app, which is more natural way of processing wave and swell data. Rather than trawling through tables and bar charts, tide creates a more gestural way of exploring the waves through time whilst allowing fast access to the data that most is important to surfers.

The gestural UI creates a more meaningful browsing experience which improves longevity and the simple beauty and tranquillity of the wave pattern create an experience we want to use and can keep using. The information is stripped back to what is useful, and users can dive in as deeply into the information as much as they want to. Tide simply allows surfers to view wave data in a much more useful and engaging way.