HEX -  easy to assemble
HEX - Use it as a pendant or desk lamp
HEX - smart flat packed design
SPOOLER - Clever packaging, hang it in the shop and later just pull the string to get all the parts out of the tube.
SPOOLER - perfect for clothes and accessories
SPOOLER - ships in a pack of 3
TILT - on a wall it becomes a mirror with a shelf
TILT - ships flat packed, easy to assemble
TILT - on a desk it perfectly tilts over according to the average face height

Dear Mocoloco,

We are a young creative product design company called We Come In Form which was founded in the beginning of 2013 and operates from Tallinn, Estonia. We have recently launched three new products that are part of our first collection which will be followed with more products in the near future.

We`d like to call our products smart, meaning that most of them are flat packed and multifunctional, yet we are not compromising the quality, instead we are using locally sourced materials and skilled craftsmen to offer the best possible products we can. We believe that giving the users a chance to get involved in the assembly process, helps them to better understand and value the product – not to mention the great feeling that comes after assembly. Therefore our first collection includes small products that are simple to manufacture and for users to handle, using local materials and craftsmen.

Webshop: www.wecomeinform.tictail.com

We have attached a bunch of photos to illustrate the descriptions below.
All the photos are made by We Come In Form.

Additional photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5gmlumbsvlq69n4/IrlyW828xG

The first of our products is called TILT – which is a desk and wall mirror

TILT is a multifunctional mirror that has an angled base which becomes a shelf when it is used on the wall and tilts perfectly over when placed on a surface so that it adjusts to the face when one is seated. TILT is supplied with a SPOOLER that can be used as a coat hook when the mirror is not used on the wall. It ships flat packed and is very easy to assemble that can be done well under a minute by sliding the mirror into the slot and just tightening one screw. TILT is made of solid oak which is treated with natural oil and double sided mirror.

The second of our products is called HEX – which is a pendant and desk light

It is up to the user how he wants to use it – on a desk or up in the air as a pendant. It has a clever design using a hidden rubber cord that creates the tension and holds the plexiglas diffusers in place. Even changing the bulb is simple by just lifting one side next to the other where it stays in place. HEX is made of locally sourced solid birch, which is treated with natural oil, and laser cut white plexiglass giving out a nice and warm ambient light. It includes a black and white 3 meter fabric cord. The name HEX comes from the amount of parts of the design, meaning 16.

The third of our products is called SPOOLER – which is a pack of 3 coat hooks

SPOOLER is made of locally sourced solid ash by skilled craftsmen. And to give them some credit then we left the marks from turning on the front face as a small detail to refer to the manufacturing process. The design itself refers to old traditional thread spools that are perfect for hanging clothes, umbrellas or even our mirror TILT. Spooler ships in a beautiful and clever packaging that includes all the necessary fixtures for you to start enjoying your new coat hooks. The packaging itself can be hanged in the shops thanks to the string, which also acts as an opener to get all the parts out of the tube by pulling from the string. The wood is treated with natural oil.

Our webshop: www.wecomeinform.tictail.com