Part art, part science, Interior Design goes far beyond decorating. I, the Interior Designer have a profound impact on people’s lives by creating the surroundings, in which they live, work and play and so I strive to translate what people want into their own story as told throughout their entire home. This is my home and this is my story.
Our newly constructed home is nothing else but a 4000 sq ft addition to the existing 2000 sq ft old, falling apart ranch we bought with my husband an artist and builder few years ago. Living throughout the whole time of the construction process in the old ranch we built around it this rare, timber-framed structure and later we took apart existing ranch and burned it in our newly constructed huge fireplace. Slowly we filled the interior of our new home with natural materials, we acid stained concrete over heated floors, designed and created everything from the floating staircase, kitchen cabinets, furniture to copper bathtubs. We believe that our knowledge, skills, dedication and passion for natural aesthetics fused with modern amenities transform this home into our biggest work of art which we can live, work and enjoy every day. We take pride of the fact, that this house is our complete own design from architectural plans to tiny details and most of all that the materials like wood and stone came right from our backyard and nothing was wasted.