Timber is a playful Do-it-Yourself furniture range made from only bio resin and raw wood. The design is intended to be constructed at home by the consumer. Each piece in the collection is customisable and comes conveniently packaged for transport home in a cardboard tube. Once the wooden frame (in ash, beech or oak) is assembled, a resin is poured over the framework, which sets in few minutes. The product offers users control over the final look of the product by letting them choose the colour and the patterning of each painterly panel. The project is the result of a masters thesis which researched freedom and self expression within the consumer experience.
The process is like a cooking recipe, in which each ingredient needs to be combined in a certain order to create a flavour but at the same time allowing for freedom and creativty. These elegant, stripped down designs offer an unusual and inventive approach to furniture design that responds to the resurgence of interest in the individual and an alternative to standartisation. Finally the main challenge was to solve every technical detail in order to propose Timber as a realistic affordable product.