Time Fold – ritual objects deisgn

vase - studio armadillo
gold ceramic ritual objects - studio armadillo
ritual objects at home - studio armadillo
menorah - studio armadillo
candlesticks - stuaio armadillo
menorah - studio armadillo
ritual objects at home - studio armadillo

Hi there!

My name is Anat Stein, I’m a product designer from Studio Armadillo, based in Tel Aviv,

We have launched a contemporary Judaica design project on Kicstarter:


The project is about ritual objects, produced in ceramic, handmade in Israel, inspired by the art of paper folding.

We invite people worldwide to experience contemporary Judaica design, as a multi-cultural experience.

hope you will find our project interesting and consider to write about it!

Thanks for your time,

All the best!

Anat Stein

Anat Stein ??? ?????

Studio Armadillo ?????? ???????


?????: 972-3-5298150

????: 972-52-3228211

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