Time Slips Away series suggest to explore on experimental level beauty and soleness of the moment.

Collection by Piece of Cake consists of four objects each in it’s own unique way interact with the user and challenges to explore the present. The aim of the pieces is to show the beauty and elusiveness of each moment. Combining human understanding of time and clock as an object of design, pieces are designed to produce a new quality of time.

Flash. Bright flash of light inside the device renders time on the retina of the user at random moment. Image will appear for few seconds in the form of spots in field of view and then disappear. This object imprints the moment of time in user’s memory, as the a lightning strike that captures the surrounding nocturnal landscape or shooting star, which makes its random moment of time special.

Mirror. The form of the object allows to take it with both hands as something valuable. On a clean surface of the mirror time is indicated, if only user breathes on it. Breathing of the user object not only create time, but also proves that user is alive and not frozen in stasis. The change of time and its manifestations is a proof that we are alive.

Radio. The device transmits the time signal, but it always runs away, fading to noise. The time signal can only be heart completely, if user turns the knob of the device. Interacting with the object is like trying to receive a weak signal from afar, showing the importance of the signal, and that we have to be conscious and act to resist noise as symbol of entropy.

Pendulum. This object writes time with constantly spreading liquid. On the surface of the liquid digits can be read, they exist a fraction of the second and then disappear.


Time Slips Away Collection