timshel iOS app:  adding moments to your story
timshel prints:  3.5" x 4.7" and 3.5" x 3.5"
timshel shell: injection molded plastic casing
the timshel experience:  iPhone app, prints, and the shell

Timshel (pronounced ‘time-shell’) is an effortless way for you to document your life story through printed photographs. You select up to thirty photos a month from your iPhone. Those photos are then printed and delivered to you in a sleek, modular shell primed for easy display, organization, and storage.

Our journey with timshel began when we found a box of old photographs and then asked the questions: “What’s going to happen to all the digital photos we take with our phones? Are we ever really going to experience those moments again?” We wanted to hold on to our own stories just like our parents and grandparents, and our inability to find a satisfactory solution lead to the creation of timshel.

Timshel consists of three primary components: the app, the prints, and the shell.

The app:

The primary function of the iOS app is to add moments from your camera roll to your story in an easy and beautiful manner. The moments that are added to your story are those that are printed and delivered to you each month. You can also use the app to send your story to friends and family, or purchase a gift subscription so a friend can begin documenting their own story. More than just a functional tool, the app becomes a curated collection of your most treasured moments as time goes on.

The prints:

All photos are printed on archival quality thick photo paper with 1/4″ white borders harkening back to that instant film experience. The photo is then topped off with a thin UV coat to really make the image pop. Moments will be printed in one of two sizes; (3.5″ x 4.7″) for rectangular iPhone photos or (3.5″ x 3.5″) squares for Instagram lovers. The app is smart enough to know the difference so you simply add the photo and timshel takes care of the rest.

The shell:

Your moments will arrive each month in a beautiful, sleek, injection molded container with a white matte finish. There will be a matchbox style opening for easy access to each month’s photos. The cases are specifically designed to nest with each other, creating a unified collection of moments over time. There is also a thin notch on top which provides for easy display of a particular photo.

Processes & Values

We’re on the path toward becoming a Benefit Corporation, and place a great deal of value on using socially and environmentally sustainable practices. We use FSC certified paper and have processes in place to produce no waste or overages. Our printers and ink are earth friendly and don’t create chemical byproducts like traditional silver-halide processes. Our shells are made out of recycled plastic and are also recyclable themselves.