“Ready for Shabat” , design by Rachel Haim
"Home is where the heart is", Design by Meital Retig
"Old Home", Design by Meirav Kit
"17:20", Design by Naama Lahav
"home is where the cat is", Design by Paz Bernshtien
"A place for memories", Design by Meytal Tzemach-Dar
"Sayling the sky". Design by Yonat Katzir
"Old Home", Design by Meirav Kit
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the 2012 outbox tin boxes design competition winners.
‘Outbox’ is a non-profit organization founded and run by designers who believe that design can change the world.

In the last 4 years outbox has been doing collaborations with young graphic designers and has been giving their talent a stage by featuring their prints on thier tin boxes.

All proceeds from the sales of the boxes to youth at risk.