Hello, how are you?
I love MOCO LOCO, especially your posts about interesting toys (i.e. Gravity Dice! Yeah!) for today’s modern man that appreciates cool, never-seen-before products!

So, I’d like to introduce an innovative toy line that I believe you & your readers (dads, uncles) will find interesting.

My partners and I have created a brand called, TINKERMITE, and our mission is to inspire creative kids (ages 3+), with our “low-tech play, high-tech learning” approach to play.

Our first product is called the Tinker Tablet, which is a unique wooden tablet that teaches kids about technology, without any lights or sounds. NO BATTERIES REQUIRED!

Unlike similar toys that only look like their digital counterparts, our Tinker Tablet is cleverly designed to teach basic technology concepts using several engaging classic play patterns.

– Puzzle Assembly: Learn the basic components inside every tech gadget (i.e. CPU).
– Cell Phone: Assemble a cellphone using the 5 individual puzzle pieces.
– Magnetic Dry Erase Board: Doodle and draw!

It’s 3-Toys-In-1!

We recently launched our project on Kickstarter, and would love your help to spread the word so we can offer the Tinker Tablet to specialty toy stores across the country.

We have less than 15 days left, so I hope you’ll find it interesting to share with your readership.

If you have any questions about the product or our team in Seattle, please feel free to contact us anytime!

Best regards,
Kenji Yoshinari
Twitter: @tinkermite

Kickstarter Page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/829442183/tinkermite-tablet-low-tech-play-high-tech-learning

Product Gallery: http://www.tinkermite.com/gallery-2/

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