Sergio has been working with Master Ceramist Juan Carlos Iñesta.
The production of the pots will be kept local and hand made.

‘Tiny Friends’ are a set of two flower pots with figurative ‘homes’ for an imaginary bird and mouse. They are meant to trigger our imagination, spicing up our homes and puting a smile on our face. They evoke all those tiny friendly friends we are usually eager to keep far away from us. But… They are not the enemy!

?Tiny Friends is Sergio Mendoza’s proposal for this years TIVD (This Is Very Dangerous) exhibition in Milan´s Ventura Lambrate. This year the 14 designers from 12 different countries worked on objects triggered by the memory of their grandparents.

In Sergio’s own words: “As a child, one of the things i learned from my grandmother was to notice nature and the little creatures around me. How each one has it’s own role, they are not just there to annoy us. In fact, as a kid, I would explore and observe and want to take them with me, but my grandmother would say: “you don’t need to because they’re not going anywhere. They live here too!”