Valencia based studio Masquespacio presents the Toadstool collection for Missana. The collection has different sizes puffs, a table and a sofa bench, and it’s the first collection designed by the creative consultancy, inspired by the visual culture and making the most of the outstanding upholstery technique of Missana.

It all started 2 years ago when Masquespacio was appointed as their artistic directors by Missana in order to take on the re-branding of the company. From that moment the members of the multidisciplinary study began to learn about each of the stages of the upholstery production. That did increase indeed their already existing interest in product design, that did not materialize till their visit to Milan in 2015. This family of puffs, table and sofa bench represents very clearly what Masquespacio’s work is, inspired by the visual culture and by the fact that graphic design is always present in one way or another through their projects. The fusion of materials seeks also to highlight that visual culture, “we can recognized the Memphis movement and Michael Graves’ architecture here, enhancing Missana’s upholstery technic. Upholstery that in this particular case merge perfectly with the noble materials used, marble, wood and golden plated metals.

The Toadstool collection allows an infinite number of combinations, adapting the products to each individual’s needs, choosing the preferred material, marble, wood, golden plated metal and the different color fabrics for the different parts of the collections as per the client’s unique taste.


Toadstool family

Toadstool sofa

Toadstool puffs

Toadstool table