Bird on branch with Apple logo silver showing through the bird cutout.
Two woods to choose from, Walnut and whitewashed Ash.
Fly etching.
Skull and cross bones with eye openings exposing the Apple logo.
Two different aesthetics
Hexagon pattern and Apple logo.
Detail of Toast veneer with Apple bumper
Toast veneer with Apple bumper

Toast combines laser-cutting and hand finishing to makes gorgeous custom wood veneers for the iPhone. I couldn’t find the right solution to personalize and protect my iPhone so I decided to start my own business creating them.

The cool thing about my approach to wood covers is that they are custom. You can choose the wood, the design and even add custom text that is laser etched into the wood. I think it is an elegant way to add grip, protection and style while not covering up the phone’s good side or adding significantly to its size. Toast veneers work perfectly with the Apple bumper and are thin enough to fit under most cases.

By supporting Toast through kickstarer, backers get an amazing veneer at a discounted price but also help launch a new small business dedicated to bringing natural materials and craft to life.

Kickstarter link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2101651398/toast-functional-bling-for-your-iphone