Hi Moco Loco!
My name is Eszter Nagy.
I got this summer my bachelor degree in Industrial Product Design at Politecnico di Milano (Italy).

I read on your website that you give a chance to young designers and to students by publishing their works.
So I thought it would be nice if you could take a look at my graduation project, of which I also made a working prototype.

It’s difficult for young people find room to show their projects, and it would be a fantastic opportunity for my work
to be posted on your website.
Of course, only if it deserves your attention!
It’s a designwork developed by me during the academic year 2011/2012.

What is it?
TONDO: a narrative object for children
TONDO means in italian “round”and “smooth”.
The theme of the laboratory was “The pleasure of reading – Storytelling”.

I designed a toy that allows adults and children to tell stories in an exciting, new, interactive way.
TONDO is an illuminated clock+theater+carillon which is possible to hang in various places in the children’s room,
otherwise it can be placed on a surface. It’s also possible to easily hold it in hands.

How does it work?
TONDO works mechanically.

By pulling the string, the clock hands rotate at different speeds following a carillon’s melody, and then stop randomly, visibly in the window.
Some magnetic figures are attached to the hands and they can be exchanged between themselves.
The characters are taken from three well-known tales of Grimm brothers.
It’s possible to tell “right” stories (like Little Red Riding Hood), but it’s also possible to tell mixed ones,
thanks to the user’s imagination, by putting together protagonists from different stories.

The landscapes-backgrounds are also interchangeable and follow the same principle.
They can be positioned in some slots and once inserted, the characters move between the landscapes.

In addition, there are some yellow and blue lights to create day or night atmosphere.
The lights can be turned on individually or simultaneously, and also act as nightlight for children.

Hoping to have had your attention and tickled your curiosity
I wait for news from you and I’m happy to answer at your questions!
Very kind greetings,

Eszter Nagy