Description :

Toniture is a project designed for alternative Children Playground DD238 that engage parents and their children. TONITURE (Toy + Furniture) is a project designed to develop children’s imagination and is inspired by a ‘MECCANO’. TONITURE offers a variety in shapes and sizes of boards (made from HDF) and steel structures, which can be assembled with knob bolts in the appropriate size for child’s. Children can build, combine, and deconstruct modules of various sizes to create their own objects. This project trough practical application of the children’s ideas stimulates brains cognitive development.

Design created by STUDIO G280

G280′ is a Design Studio based in Seoul, South Korea.

Although ‘G280’ works mainly in the field of design, they strive for narrowing the gap between art and design with works like art installation, art and craft projects. ‘G280’ aims to bring into the conversation how modern society treats objects. In particular, the word ‘make’ is the keyword that suggests the responsible approach to the design.


01_parts included into toniture

03_child playing with toniture

04_how to assemble toniture

05_child playing with toniture

07_examples from manual of what you can make with toniture

08_children assemble with toniture

10_origin of toniture

11_Toniture comes with instruction manual

12_instructions allows to create few basic toniture object