The Tool Cabinet of Curiosity, aims to address what the role of the craftsman is within the digital age, and how the use of digital practices can help aid the continuing development of craft.

The position of the craftsperson is currently one of great flux, having to navigate the old, cliche view of craft, whilst developing with the current ways of thinking and making. For a designer working today, the concept of craft is of incredible importance, yet the very idea of what craft means is changing. Inspired by his background in both fine-furniture making and digital design Garlick aims to address the idea of craft as being “stagnant”, using tools as a way to prompt a conversation with the viewer about contemporary making.

Despite its link with the idea of “handmade”, almost all craft process are facilitated by tools, this project aims to show that contemporary craft objects should reflect the current era and begin to incorporate digital tooling. Within the walls of the cabinet are 120 highly detailed 3D-printed miniatures of a selection of tools that could be used to build a traditional cabinet “by hand”. Displayed within a polyester resin vitrine referencing a classical studio-craft cabinet shape, The Tool Cabinet of Curiosity memorializes the history of hand-making and welcomes Digital tooling as the next step for contemporary craftspeople “these tools become ghosts, no longer needed, relegated to a role of pure ornament”.