Customizable handle currently available in plastic, 3D print, Aluminum or Wood versions
Fresh head mailed to your door every 3 months as a gentle reminder  to replace your worn one
Optional Smart vibration motor means the same sleek brush can be either manual or electric
Micro suction backed cap can mount to glossy surfaces in bathroom to provide convenient, hygienic stand when not being used in travel
Handle is easy to swap out using penny slot feature on base
"theDEFAULT" is beautifully minimal in matte white, removing the fuss of most brushes
"byDEFAULT" collection brings premium style with ALuminum and Wood options
"myDEFAULT" 3D printed handles bring total ergonomic and aesthetic customization
Designed to mask the intelligence within
A perfect compliment to your modern home

TOOTHBRUSH byDEFAULT is a modular toothbrush that aims to provide a uniquely personal, premium experience while reducing waste and being accessible to all budgets. Using a customizable handle available in plastic, 3D print, Aluminum or Wood variety, an upgradeable Vibration module, a Replaceable subscription head service and a Versatile Protective cap, it allows the user to easily adapt its ergonomics, aesthetics, functionality and performance to match their particular brushing needs for a lifetime