5. You have related content.
I see that many of your posts contain modern / abstract looking art. Those were awesome, and this will be too!

4. Maps are universal AND personal.
Everyone knows what a map is and everyone is passionate about some place – whether it’s their college campus, hometown, favorite vacation spot, or beloved sports stadium. Our product has universal appeal to your readers.

3. Football season is almost here.
Regardless of whether you’re a fan, college and pro football seasons have started, and they are hugely popular. Our college campus series and stadium series are perfect tie-ins to the buzz surrounding the seasons. Here’s a link to the stadium series: http://cityprintsmapart.com/stadiums/

2. Giving back is important to us.
To remember the loss of September 11, all profits from our New York City printing during the month of September will benefit the American Red Cross. We are also involved in supporting other charities that you can see here: http://cityprintsmapart.com/category/charity/

1. We are shiny and new.
We have only been open for business since February, and while we think we’re hot stuff, the reality is that no one knows about us. Can you help?

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P.S. If you see a print you like, I’d love to send you one. I’ll trade you for a customer story: http://cityprintsmapart.com/category/customer-stories/