Passers-by stopping for a coffee and some delicious snacks
Cup, bowl and Jar
Herb bags
The menu consisted of traditional Finnish ingredients and modernized recipes
The Torikoju tent and wooden boxes
A wooden tray and hand printed napkins
Two tableware sets on top of a carpet covering the bench
The emphasized round lip is a common shape in all the tableware
The transparent coffee makers show how the water percolates up the pipe.
7 collages of pair of jeans turned into aprons

A marketplace café by 6 Finnish design students.

During the first five months of 2012, we designed and built a complete pop-up cafeteria including the tableware, coffee percolators, tables and stools, textiles, clothing and even the cafeteria tent itself.

The café was was open in Helsinki on May 19th, participating the unique “Restaurant Day” food carnival. On that day, anyone can open up a restaurant in the streets, gardens and homes of Helsinki.

During the day, we served coffee and traditional Finnish food (with a twist) and photographed all the designed items as they were used by the fortunate passers-by. A time lapse video covering the whole day from building the cafe in the morning to cleaning up in the evening was also made.

Our café is a part of a design project called “Eating in Open Air” by design students from Aalto University, Finland and Kobe Design University, Japan. The aim is to examine the traditions and habits of eating outside and study how they are reflected in design both in Finland and Japan. A group of students from both universities run out their own projects under the common theme.

Torikoju will be on display in three exhibitions. The first one is in Habitare 2012, Finland (12.9 – 16.9.2012). Then in Tokyo Design Week (28.10 -31.10.2012) and finally in Kobe (8.11.-12.11.2012).

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